Chinese International Games Investment: Digi-Capital at GDC China (Shanghai)

December 2010

Digi-Capital’s Tim Merel has been invited to discuss Chinese international games investment opportunities at GDC China in Shanghai on 6th December

Commenting on the session, Merel said, “When I gave the games investment keynote at the Shanghai World Expo earlier in the year, I was impressed by the quality, drive and growth of the Chinese games businesses I met. I have never seen so many people focused on building great companies. What also struck me was the almost universal desire to invest and grow internationally, leveraging their existing strengths.

So I was pleased to be invited back to talk to Chinese companies and investors about international growth and investment opportunities. I believe the future lies in co-operation between East and West, with significant opportunities for Chinese investment and partnership internationally and international investment and partnership within China.”

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Money Games: sell your company now! (Part 2)

November 2010

This article was first published in two parts by Games on 23 November 2010, as part of Tim’s monthly column ‘Money Games’.

Some people find dealing with potential buyers difficult. Some won’t get back to you, others don’t make an effort to understand your business, some think your business isn’t worth much, and occasionally they can seem quite rude. There is a good reason for this, which makes the exit process much easier once you learn to accept it – buyers are looking for a reason to say “no” as soon as possible.

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PM announces East London Tech City

November 2010

From the office of David Cameron, Prime Minister, on November 4, 2010

Press Release announcing the government’s intention to transform East London into a world-leading technology centre to rival Silicon Valley with commitments from Vodafone, Google, Facebook, Intel and McKinsey to invest in the area. (Incidentally, Digi-Capital’s offices are located in the ‘Silicon Roundabout’.)

Money Games: Sell Your Company Now! (Part 1)

October 2010

This article was first published in two parts by Games on 27 October 2010 and 27 November, as part of Tim’s monthly column ‘Money Games’.

Part One – Is it the Right Time to Sell Up?

Ngmoco is the most recent in a string of headline-grabbing online and mobile games deals in the last year, each with an apparently more stratospheric exit multiple (price as a multiple of revenue or operating profit) than the next – Playfish, Tapulous, Playdom anyone?

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