Augmented/Virtual Reality Report Q3 2016

Augmented reality/virtual reality review and forecasts, including AR/VR industry dynamics, market segmentation, competition, critical success factors, technology benchmarks/best-in-class, sector analysis, installed base forecasts, sector, geographic & business model revenue forecasts, investment/M&A analysis, early stage revenue models, VC approaches, major company implications and 350+ AR/VR company overviews, investments & acquisitions. Covers AR/VR hardware, data, voice, commerce, consumer apps, games, video, enterprise, advertising, plus bundled AR/VR investment and M&A deals database

119 pages + deals database

  • Report + Database


  • Subscription (4 quarters)



Games Report Q3 2016

Games review and forecasts, including industry dynamics, sector analysis, sector/geographic revenue forecasts, company analysis, public stock market and private market valuation comparables and returns, M&A and investment transactions, app store analysis, operational analysis. Forecasts include PC hardware, console hardware, VR hardware, mobile games, MMO/MOBA, console software, VR games, games advertising, PC games, web/social games, AR games, eSports

216 pages


Mobile Internet Report 2016

Mobile internet review across consumer apps, mCommerce, mobile advertising, enterprise mobility, mobile tech and wearables. Includes revenue forecasts, sector analysis, stock market and private market valuation comparables, investments, M&As, IPOs, app store analysis and mobile unicorns analysis. Separate bundle with mobile internet sector investment, M&A and IPO deals database

45 pages / deals database

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