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AR/VR Report

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AR/VR Report
Half Year (2 Quarters)
Analytics Platform

Half Year (2 Quarters)
Sector Report
Quarterly (1 Quarter)
AR/VR Report
Quarterly (1 Quarter)
AR/VR Analytics Platform (comprehensive industry dashboards) - - -
Half Year AR/VR Reports
(2 quarterly reports)
AR/VR Contents
392 pages
AR/VR Contents
392 pages
(free bundle)
- -
Current Quarter Report only
(1 quarterly report)
- - Single Sector Only
(see contents below)
AR/VR Contents
392 pages
AR/VR Market -
AR Market -
Reality Market
Report Contents
Mobile AR Market AR
Report Contents
VR Market VR
Report Contents
Deals 1000s of investments
and M&As
1000s of investments
and M&As
- 1000s of investments
and M&As
AR/VR Leaders 1000s of company
1000s of company
- 1000s of company
Platforms All Platforms All Platforms Single Sector
Platforms Only
All Platforms
Categories All Categories All Categories Single Sector
Categories Only
All Categories
Business Models All Business Models All Business Models Single Sector
Business Models Only
All Business Models
Countries 50+ Countries 50+ Countries 50+ Countries 50+ Countries
Regions All Regions All Regions All Regions All Regions

Our Customers

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform is Bloomberg for AR/VR – it’s beyond comprehensive

  • Gene Munster
  • Managing Partner Loup Ventures
  • ex-Piper Jaffray Apple Analyst

Digi-Capital's Analytics Platform has helped us with critical decisions about our roadmap, country rollout and economics. Our Pro package added a data driven analytical insight we couldn't find anywhere else

  • Chris Pickett
  • CEO DigiLens

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform, reports and thought leadership are pivotal for AR/VR – they’re the reference point for the entire industry

  • Matt Miesnieks
  • CEO
  • Partner Super Ventures

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform gives us a window into what results to expect before launching into new markets. Their up-to-date access to invaluable insight allows us to see how the AR market is performing by sector. It’s like being able to look into the future, and the granularity of data and analysis is unique in AR/VR. Nothing else comes close

  • Erik Murphy-Chutorian
  • CEO 8th Wall

Experience and gut feel will only get you so far in AR/VR. When you reach the data and analytics stage, Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform is the industry standard

  • Michael Rucker
  • COO Omnivirt

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform takes a lot of the effort out of analyzing deals in AR/VR – it’s extremely useful for VCs

  • Richard Tapalaga
  • Director Qualcomm Ventures
  • Magic Leap investor

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform has all the AR/VR answers, and it’s so easy to use it begs you to ask new questions

  • Dave Chavez
  • CTO zSpace

You don’t need an inhouse analyst team with Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform on your desk

  • Florian Haspringer
  • CEO Holo-Light

Unfair advantages in the AR/VR industry are rare – Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform is a big one

  • Martin Herdina
  • CEO Wikitude

Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company, and we rely on Digi-Capital's comprehensive Augmented/Virtual Reality Report to help guide our global AR/VR innovation roadmap

  • Mark Brodeur
  • VP Digital Innovation
  • Nestlé

Digi-Capital is the gateway for AR/VR companies to other industries. Their understanding of the landscape and willingness to help companies succeed has made a material difference to our corporate relationships

  • Derek Belch

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform is a competitive advantage for AR/VR, keeping you focused on delivering for users and beating the competition

  • Bill Brown
  • CEO Matterport

Digi-Capital’s Reality Network is the most connected event for AR/VR Leaders – I’ve never seen a room so crowded with “CEO” on the nametag

  • Mostafa Akbari
  • CEO HoloBuilder

I’ve always been a fan of Digi-Capital's augmented/virtual reality expertise, very detailed work and crystal-clear conclusions, as well as their passion for the industry. They're a pace-maker for AR/VR globally

  • Felix Roeken
  • VP Corp Dev Microsoft/Havok

Cubic Motion appointed Digi-Capital’s Tim Merel to its Advisory Board to leverage the firm’s knowledge and relationships, accelerating our computer vision and real-time facial animation business across AR and VR more broadly

  • Andy Wood
  • Chairman Cubic Motion

Digi-Capital's strategy consulting brought an outside perspective which transformed my management team. My execs went from 'what can these guys teach us?' to 'how can we implement a new strategy?' in the first meeting. Most consultants give me their opinions, but Digi-Capital gives us solid data, analytics and global relationships

  • Rod Cousens
  • CEO Jagex/Codemasters

Digi-Capital helped us from the early days, whether mentoring me or building relationships in China, Japan and the US – they added value every step of the way

  • Ben Vu
  • CEO SkyVu

The Digi-Capital team’s global industry relationships and insights stand out. They leverage who and what they know to dramatically expand the options for management teams

  • Ian Livingstone CBE
  • Life President Eidos

I highly recommend Digi-Capital, and really appreciate their services. Their professional team tailored solutions to our specific needs, and I would not hesitate to work with them again

  • Heiko Hubertz
  • Founder Bigpoint

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Digi-Capital, and they are one of the most knowledgeable firms in the space

  • Tom Bedecarre
  • Chairman AKQA

I've known the Digi-Capital team since almost the beginning of King, and their approach and understanding are built on long-term personal relationships with industry leaders. They aren't just about numbers

  • Riccardo Zacconi
  • CEO King

I've known Digi-Capital Founder Tim Merel for 20 years since working together at NewsCorp in New York. Tim is incredibly connected and knowledgeable. He's both mission focused and generous with his time for established players and startups

  • Ben Feder
  • President International Partnerships
  • Tencent

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