AR/VR Analytics Platform Packages


Comprehensive solutions for short term projects

+ 1 Quarter AR/VR Report

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Know everything, everyone and get it done for your business

+ 2 AR/VR Quarterly Reports

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Give your team everything they need to outperform

+ 2 AR/VR Quarterly Reports

+ Strategy Session

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Empower everyone across the organization

+ 2 AR/VR Quarterly Reports

Full Strategy

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What’s does the platform include ?

  • Smartglasses/MR, Mobile AR & VR
  • Hardware Platform Sales
  • Appstore Revenue by Platform, Appstore Category, Country and Region
  • Adspend Revenue by Platform, Advertising Category, Country and Region
  • Video Revenue by Platform, Country and Region
  • Thousands of Investments/ M&As by Category, Stage, Country and Region
  • 500,000+ data point interactive dashboards
  • Hardware/Software Platform Installed Bases
  • Hardware Revenue by Category, Country and Region
  • Enterprise Revenue by Platform, Enterprise Category, Country and Region
  • Thousands of AR/VR Leader Companies by Category, Stage, Country and Region
  • Thousands of Investors/ Acquirers by Category, Stage, Country and Region
  • Historic Actuals & Long-Term Forecasts
  • Total Revenue by Platform, Business Model, Category, Country and Region
  • eCommerce Revenue by Platform, eCommerce Category, Country and Region
  • Location Based Entertainment Revenue by Platform, Country and Region
  • Average Startup Valuation Estimates by Category, Stage, Country and Region
  • Thousands of Deals by Category, Stage, Deal Size Country and Region

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform is Bloomberg for AR/VR – it’s beyond comprehensive

  • Gene Munster
  • Managing Partner Loup Ventures
  • ex-Piper Jaffray Apple Analyst

Digi-Capital's Analytics Platform has helped us with critical decisions about our roadmap, country rollout and economics. Our Pro package added a data driven analytical insight we couldn't find anywhere else

  • Chris Pickett
  • CEO DigiLens

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform, reports and thought leadership are pivotal for AR/VR – they’re the reference point for the entire industry

  • Matt Miesnieks
  • CEO
  • Partner Super Ventures

Experience and gut feel will only get you so far in AR/VR. When you reach the data and analytics stage, Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform is the industry standard

  • Michael Rucker
  • COO Omnivirt

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform takes a lot of the effort out of analyzing deals in AR/VR – it’s extremely useful for VCs

  • Richard Tapalaga
  • Director Qualcomm Ventures
  • Magic Leap investor

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform has all the AR/VR answers, and it’s so easy to use it begs you to ask new questions

  • Dave Chavez
  • CTO zSpace

You don’t need an inhouse analyst team with Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform on your desk

  • Florian Haspringer
  • CEO Holo-Light

Unfair advantages in the AR/VR industry are rare – Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform is a big one

  • Martin Herdina
  • CEO Wikitude

Digi-Capital’s Analytics Platform is a competitive advantage for AR/VR, keeping you focused on delivering for users and beating the competition

  • Bill Brown
  • CEO Matterport


How do I get access?

Please contact Analytics Sales - we would love to help!

What do I get?

All the data and tools in the Analytics Platform, plus all the quarterly Augmented/Virtual Reality Reports during your subscription. You get everything.

What are your data sources?

Hard data directly from companies, reliable secondary data sources, all analyzed and sense-checked multiple times using industry standard analytical techniques. Every piece of data has been touched by our team several times before it reaches you.

What is your methodology?

Our approach is primarily bottom up, combined with a market thesis based on knowledge and relationships across the industry at all levels. Direct feedback from customers is at the heart of how we innovate.

What is your team’s background?

We have decades of experience from industry, investment banking, strategy consulting, accounting, data analysis and quantitative/qualitative market research. We like facts and numbers a lot.

What support do I get?

Our Analytics Support team would love to help with any questions or problems.

What platforms does it work on?

All Windows and Mac browsers (no download required), iOS and Android native apps, Microsoft HoloLens (Beta).

Can I see a demo?

If you’re interested in buying a subscription for your company, please contact Analytics Sales as we would love to show it to you!


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