Mobile internet Unicorns hit $575 billion value

May 6, 2015


Despite predictions of a coming Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse, mobile internet Unicorns and investors didn’t seem to listen. Mobile internet Unicorns topped half a trillion dollars valuation in Q1 2015, as folks in Silicon Valley and beyond question where the market goes next.

Unicorns, Giant Unicorns and Monster Unicorns

There are now 79 mobile internet Unicorns, making it a big enough species to merit its own taxonomy. There are 69 mobile internet Unicorns each worth between $1 billion and $10 billion, with a combined $178 billion value at a $2.5 billion average. Then come 9 mobile internet Giant Unicorns worth between $10 billion and $100 billion. Giant Unicorns totaled $182 billion dollars at an average $20.2 billion. Finally the mobile internet Monster Unicorn class worth over $100 billion has only one member, Facebook. With $220 billion enterprise value at the end of March, Facebook is in a class of its own. But that could change, as current trends could elevate another mobile internet Monster Unicorn (unless the Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse happens first). Mobile internet Unicorns by enterprise value are below, with company data and analysis here.

Mobile Internet Unicorns

Unicorns travel in herds

There are Unicorns in 17 mobile internet sectors, but their $575 billion (or $355 billion excluding Facebook) value is not distributed evenly. Facebook drove 38% of total value, followed by other social networking (17%), travel/transport (11%) and mCommerce (10%). Messaging, games, utilities, food and drink, music, lifestyle and entertainment each delivered between 1% and 10% of value. Enterprise mobility, app store/distribution, tech, advertising, navigation, photo and video, and productivity combined were worth less than 2% in total. Sector value share is below, with sector value/volume analysis and data here.

Mobile Internet Unicorns Sector Value

Bigger than Texas

If you thought distribution by sector was uneven, hold on to your Stetson. American companies represented a massive three quarters of the value of mobile internet Unicorns globally, as well as a third of volume. Even without Facebook, the US produced a third of value and volume. If you’re American that is a dream come true, or a nightmare if you fear the Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse.

China was a clear number 2 in value (10%) and volume (24%), followed by Japan, India, South Korea and the UK. Single Unicorn countries were Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Israel, Germany, Canada and Malaysia. Country/region value share is below, with country value/volume analysis and data here.

Mobile Internet Unicorns Country Value

$725 million a day

Mobile internet Unicorns added $65 billion shareholder value in the first 3 months of 2015, or $725 million dollars a day. Using a fully vested Tim Cook’s pay (who Apple effectively paid over $100 million last year) as a yardstick, that’s more than 7 Apple CEOs every day. The biggest climbers in the rankings were Lyft (up from #69 to #37), Ola (up from #63 to #36) and Dianping (up from #43 to #19). But they weren’t alone. 15 Unicorns each added between $1 billion and $16 billion shareholder value in Q1.

Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse? Must…eat…brains…

The full analysis is here.

Note: The companies listed all have substantial parts of their business from mobile internet, but exclude mobile infrastructure (e.g. Qualcomm), device (e.g. Xiaomi) or substantial but minority mobile internet businesses (e.g. Tencent with WeChat). The valuations come from a mix of stock markets, acquisitions and fundraising rounds.

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