Digi-Capital’s Reality Check – quarterly VR/AR CEO invitation only forum

August 22, 2016

Reality Green Road Sign Against Dramatic Sky, Clouds and Sunburst.

Digi-Capital’s Reality Check for October has just been announced. Reality Check is a quarterly forum for VR/AR CEOs, corporate divisional heads and VC General Partners by invitation only. It’s free if you’re lucky enough to be invited, and Digi-Capital limits the numbers to a few hundred to keep the “signal to noise ratio high.”

Digi-Capital and Eyetouch Reality CEO/Founder Tim Merel tells us this is “Just the chiefs in one room to solve industry wide issues, do deals (investments, M&As, partnerships, commercial deals), and share good food & wine (and a laugh or two). Reality Check is for decision makers only, and is results focused – it’s about getting things done, not a talking shop.”

Merel said that “As well as deal making, the first Reality Check is focused on VR/AR trial: how and when does the industry convert the massive consumer interest in VR/AR into far more folks trying what we’re all building. It’s not about what each of us is doing standalone, but how we make sure that as many people as possible try our magic when we’re ready – the better everyone does, the better everyone does.”

Digi-Capital is one of the most connected VR/AR M&A advisers on the planet, and Reality Check exists to help the industry grow faster. Merel says that “it’s free for invited guests, as beyond the VR/AR leaders we already have we would also like to help startup CEOs get access which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.” So if you’re a CEO, corporate divisional head or VC General Partner doing something amazing in the industry, email realitycheck @ digi-capital.com to tell them why you would like to come along. They can’t invite everyone, but the best and brightest have a pretty good shot.

Digi-Capital is also covering the high points of its latest quarterly Augmented/Virtual Reality Report and Deals Database at the event.