Computer vision leader Cubic Motion appoints Digi-Capital Managing Director Tim Merel to Advisory Board

April 6, 2018

Cubic Motion, the world leader in real-time model-based computer vision and facial animation, has appointed AR/VR adviser Digi-Capital‘s Managing Director Tim Merel to its Advisory Board. As well as being a global thought leader for augmented reality, virtual reality and computer vision/machine learning, Digi-Capital provides AR/VR reports/tools, company networking, strategy consulting and investment banking. Tim is a software engineer, investment banker, lawyer and founder, and one of the most connected people across the AR/VR industry at CEO level globally. He writes regularly for TechCrunch and others on AR/VR, and is frequently interviewed and quoted in TV, radio, digital media and print internationally.

Digi-Capital Managing Director Tim Merel said, “I am honored to advise Cubic Motion as they continue to build their world-beating business. The quality of their work, computer vision and facial animation technology is outstanding, but the reason I agreed to advise them is their people. Chairman Andy Wood and Founder/CEO Gareth Edwards are two of the brightest and nicest people in the industry, they work with a team of rockstars, and it is a pleasure to help them realize their vision.”

Cubic Motion Chairman Andy Wood said, “At Cubic Motion we’ve been friends with Tim Merel for years. He’s an enlightened visionary, and knows AR/VR and the opportunities it offers as well as anyone we’ve met. Tim is the driving force behind Digi-Capital being the gold standard for thought leadership, analytics and relationships across the AR/VR market. Computer vision is pivotal to the growth of Mixed Reality and social AR/VR, and Cubic Motion is entering a new phase of growth focused on our real-time hi-fidelity facial performance and licensing. We are looking to Tim to assist with our strategy, partnerships and alliances as we enter these brave new worlds.”

About Cubic Motion: Cubic Motion is the world leader in real-time model-based computer vision and digital animation, renown for achievements in performance-driven facial capture. With technology and processes developed by a large team of award-winning PhD scientists, animation specialists and producers, the company licenses products and services for real-time visual tracking and animation in video games, films, virtual and augmented reality.

About Digi-Capital: Digi-Capital advises AR/VR and computer vision/machine learning leaders across Asia, America and Europe, including market leading AR/VR reports/tools, company network, strategy consulting and investment banking.