Google and Digi-Capital announce Reality Network for AR/VR/XR Leaders

April 23, 2018

Digi-Capital is partnering with Google to host its next Reality Network on Tuesday, May 29th at Google in Mountain View. Reality Network is by invitation only for AR/VR/XR CEOs, corporate VPs, and VC Partners, with numbers limited to keep the signal to noise ratio high. The focus of this Reality Network is on AR/VR/XR Leaders making money and how they’re doing it (appstore premium and IAP, eCommerce, hardware, adspend, enterprise, location based, video, games), as well as industry-wide opportunities and deals (commercial deals, partnerships, investments, M&As). Reality Network is about getting deals done, not a talking shop.

The agenda is:

(1) Guest arrival and drinks

(2) Welcome by Google

(3) Presentation by Digi-Capital on what’s next for AR/VR/XR (including all the latest analytics)

(4) AR/VR/XR Leaders CEO panel: who’s making money and how

(5) Cocktail food/drinks and networking/deal-making

Although Reality Network is always at capacity due to demand, Digi-Capital reserves a small block of tickets for startup CEOs who could make a difference to the industry but aren’t already in our AR/VR/XR Leaders network. If that’s you, please find a way to get introduced.